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About OB Healthcare

Founded in 2007, OB Healthcare is a national clinical engineering company and a leading provider of specialized biomedical services. Using advanced processes, nationwide resources, and innovative proprietary software, OB Healthcare provides a powerful competitive advantage that can help save time and money.

Our History

Late 2007, OB Healthcare opened its first sales office and began contracting directly with Clinical Engineering staff to provide cost effective PM solutions. By adding over 30 new facilities in the first year of business, the innovative PM model proved to be a valuable option.

In 2009, the company made its first expansion beyond PM services. During an era of budget cuts, OB Healthcare reacted on the market and began offering consulting services to facilities with a high volume of physical damage, in an effort to reduce the overall cost of equipment Maintenance.

Over the past 10 years, OB Healthcare has become an expert in clinical engineering, growing from a small Preventive Maintenance company to a leading provider in the field of clinical engineering. The most recent change is the addition of our proprietary tracking software; a database solution that allows integration into existing asset management databases while monitoring real-time productivity. For OB Healthcare, the future promises even more accomplishments as the next chapter in the company’s history is written.

Supporting a Cause

OB Healthcare is an active supporter of the Children's Tumor Foundation. Please join us in raising money at this year's 'Little Heroes' 5k run!

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